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Carol Jackson
Carol Jackson Ministries

"Now thanks be to God who always leads us in triumph
in Christ, and through us diffuses the fragrance
of His knowledge in every place."
II Corinthians 2:14
As I sit here pondering my warfare quest
I thank God for the Grace that for me
passed this test I must never forget
from where I have come
And how the warfare of the battle was won
How lowly I lay, how deep in the pit
Pathways so dark, no candle was lit
Smothered in grief, with my soul laid bare
Fighting for my life, and trapped in a snare
Two days as a prisoner in a deep dark grave|
Was there no one to help me, no one to save?
From the jaws of darkness, this evil so strong
My grip was loosening, I could not hold on long
For I held on to my life for two days of a lifetime
My spirit was weak, a new hope I must find
I would not surrender as a prisoner of war
In my life as a warrior, I had come much too far
The breath of life from my soul had long gone
No visible hope that I should hold on
Yet I heard the whisper of a voice so strong
Saying, "Melinda, My Warrior, the battle is won"
I picked myself up from the pit I was in
With hopes in my heart for victory to begin
I began crawling until I could see light
And when I saw it…it strengthened me to fight
My balance was unsteady, but I stood to my feet
For my Battle Commander I prepared myself to meet
The orders were given to march onto the battlefield
And no longer to the enemy was I ever to yield
With Salvation as my Helmet I placed it on with care
My Breastplate of Righteousness I determined to wear
I girded my loins with the Truth from above
The Gospel of Peace shod my feet like a dove
My Shield of Faith was held high to proclaim
That I come to do battle in His Mighty Name
The Sword of the Spirit I took out of my sheath
The Word of My God placed the enemy beneath
No longer in the pit, the snare I had fled
My Commander embraced me and anointed my head
Well done my Warrior, your faithfulness is true
Yet so many more battles have been assigned you
As I think on these words my expectations are sure
That my warrior days I have been called to endure
As I wait for My Commander to sound the next call
I train for the next battle armored and tall
For I am honored to be a Warrior of the Lord
To Carry His Word, the undefeated Sword
Until the next time, I will stand strong and resist
Just knowing I am a Warrior for such a time as this


Midi used with permission from
New Song Online