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God has really blessed me with a close family.
sister Pam and I are so close she knows what
 I am thinking and feeling almost before I do!

One day I was in Marsha Durham's graphics site.
I saw a background that made me think of my
three beautiful daughters. For some reason, I
started to cry and I told Pam and Mom (we were using
instant messenger) that I was getting off the net.

Pam called me a while later and she told me she
knew that background made me sad, and that was
why I had to sign off the internet. She asked me
if I was okay and we talked Before long she had
me laughing and praising the Lord!

I do not care what is happening with either of
us, I know I can call her and we will talk for
hours about anything and everything. I don't
think there is anything we can't talk about!
She has two beautiful daughters; Sierra and
Naomi. When I call, Sierra will ask me when I
am coming down and when I tell her I don't|
know she tells me: "I want you down here
now!" Then she tells me she loves me.
(Sierra is four years old, and has me wrapped
around her little finger!)

Naomi wants the phone when her mother is
talking. If she is 'fussy' Pam puts the phone
to her ear and most of the time she stops
fussing and starts 'cooing.' Naomi will be
a year old the 30th of September. She
also has Aunt Trish wrapped around
her little finger!

I feel God has truly blessed we with a sister
like Pam! She tells me the truth and doesn't
let me have 'pity parties'! She seems to know
exactly what I need when I need it. She takes
the time to REALLY talk to me, and that
means a lot!

Thank you, God, for my sister, Pam!!!!
Midi used with permission from
New Song Online