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Sweet Millie's Shoes

Beautiful black patent leather shoes;
I was ecstatic, when I got the news,
That the school had been asked to give them away.
Someone would be chosen the very next day.
My sister was just the right size.
Oh, how I prayed she might have that prize!
But, one other child was the right size, too.
Just one could receive those black patent shoes.
So, the morrow came and the choice was made.
Millie lost the prize, for which I had prayed.
I cried and I cried, my heart still repeats,
How I wanted those shoes for sweet Millie's feet!
Millie was youngest of all of us girls.
She looked so sweet, in her long slender curls.
Last down the hill, first in our hearts ...
We loved her dearly.  But, soon we would part.
One day, my Savior took Millie away;
Took her to heaven, for e'er and a day.
And, one of the comforts my heart knows is true,
Millie now has some beautiful shoes!
Shoes for sweet Millie ... Oh, let it be true ...
Beautiful slippers, shining and new ...
Shoes for my sister, so bright and so fair.
Millie, I'll meet you over there!
Poem copyrighted and used
with permission.
Photograph taken by Joan
and used with permission.
It is NOT public domain!
All rights Reserved.