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My name is Patricia (most people call me "Trish!)
I am married to a wonderful husband, William.
We both love the Lord and wish to serve Him.

I have a great family, who are living for the Lord.
My husband and I live in the mountains of
North Carolina. I have always wanted to live
in a log cabin, and maybe someday we will.

I have been saved for about three years, and
my desire is to serve the Lord through this
web site. My mom, Shirley, has two sites

Web Praise For Jesus
Web Praise

My sister, Pamela, has had her site
for a few months now.
More Than Conquerors

My mom and Pam prayed (and had others
on the net praying with us) that I would
have a computer to serve God with.
Praise the Lord! God has blessed me with
a new Gateway!

I love it!
At other times I hate it! :-)
There is SO much to learn. But I know God
will teach me, like He did my mom and sister.

My prayer is that God will use my site to
bless and encourage those who visit,  and
honor and glorify His name!
God bless you!


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God Won't Ask

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Obedient Unto Death
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Lean On Me

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Give God What's Right- Not What's Left
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God Won't Ask         I Am


Midi used with permission from
New Song Online