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And anyone not found written in the Book of Life was cast into the lake of fire. Revelation 20:15
The last thing I remember was the pain in my chest as I lay on the bed
And into this dreadful place by some force I was led
Could this be the place I did not believe in?
Where I would go because of my sin?
Iíve heard that message so many times
Why didnít I listen and see all the signs?
Itís not like I didnít know this day would arrive
Now all I can do is stand here with tears in my eyes
I donít know where to go - I donít know where to turn
Oh my Lord Jesus why didnít I just learn?
That your word was true - it was coming to pass
You would have saved my wretched life
If I had only come to you and asked
For you to forgive my sins and come into my heart
And my old life of death would be passed - giving me a new start
Instead I rebelled...thinking, not right now but one day I will
I guess not really believing this day would be real
And now it is here, and worse, I am here
Dreading to open my eyes, oh what a great fear
Is gripping my heart, tearing at my mind
What is next? What new torment will I find?
All I can hear are loud groans and cries
Wailings, agony, pleadings, and sighs
I always thought this place was something meant to scare us
Oh my dear Jesus if only I had made a decision to trust
Those things embedded deep within my soul
Come to Jesus, get saved and be made whole
All I know is pain, fear, misery, and strife
Not making the right choice has cost me my life
I saw the king when I entered this place
I saw a look of sorrow upon his glorious face
Although he did not so much as utter a word unto me
I read his face and immediately I knew I would be
Forever separated from his glorious light
If I could only go back and flee from this plight
In His presence I would be, never to leave
With more joy and peace than I could ever conceive
Oh dear Lord forgive me for rejecting you on earth
For not accepting you and the blood covered new birth
But now I am here and there is no escape
Just hopeless desires of fleeing this place
If anyone can hear me, donít meet with my fate
Cry out to Jesus today, for tomorrow may be too late

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