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My Darling Husband

God blessed me with a wonderful husband! When I met William, I was not saved and he was searching, he just did not know how to go about finding the good Lord above, so not long after we met we got married! William had a lot of questions about the Lord I answered what  I could and what I didn't know I asked Pam & Mom & Chris you see I was saved once before and something happened and I back slid so not long after we were married William got saved I told him I was happy for him but do not try to force it on me now don't get me wrong I was not a bad person I just didn't want to hear it! I saw a lot of people saying they were saved and living worse than me, so I was not going to go thru that again! William loved me so he did not force the issue! He believed that if he lived the life in front of me God would do the rest! Seven years later I came back to the Lord now we are both are serving the Lord! I look back on it now and all I can say is it had to have been the Lord bringing William into my life because when I look back I did put him thru HELL!! William thinks of Pam as a sister the way they carry on sometimes you would think they were brother & sister!! I guess you could say he would do anything he could for my family and vice versa!! I just want to say Thank you to the good Lord above for not giving up on me and for bringing my darling husband into my life!! William when you read this and you will I just want to say I Love you with all my heart!!!

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