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I saw this day before the beginning of time
The days have passed quickly as this one has arrived
I hear the footsteps of them coming forth to take Me
From this moment on I wonít again be free
Until my spirit leaves my body when nailed to the cross
To save an entire world from the tragedy of being lost
My Father said that it pleased Him to send Me
Whatever pleases my Father is my destiny
Let me rise from the garden where I cried out to My Father
"Take this cup from Me"
But through great revelation, prayer, and obedience
From Him I was able to see
That itís not My will but My Fatherís will that must be done
And I am humbled to know that I am the Chosen One
Sent by My Father to redeem the world back to Him
To give the world a chance to be forgiven of sin
The soldiers have arrived and with them I must go
They cannot understand now but one day they will know
That I had to die so they might live
And through my shed blood My Father could forgive
So Father Your Son now is giving You His best
And remember above all Father, I was obedient unto death.
Used With Permission