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These Last Days

This world is growing more wicked every day.
Jesus, in Revelation 2:24-
Speaks out about " the depths of Satan,
 of going down into the profound
deepness of sin." He was saying that
evil goes down deep into the soul-that the
 roots of sin  go down into the depths of hell.

David said of the wicked ones in
Psalms 64:6- "They search out iniquities;
they accomplish a diligent search:
both the inward thought of every
one of them, and the heart is deep. "
This passage is a holy warning,
people don't realize how deeply
this association with evil effects them.
It takes them down into the depths
that are mysterious, bottomless,
and profound.

This path leads straight into hell.
In these last days sin has become
so complicated, even more subtle,
very sensuous, and much more sophisticated.
It's disguised as art, culture,
and education.

The depths of sin roots have become
deeper and stronger than ever before.
Because Satan knows he has but a short
time,  he's pulling out all the stops.
This younger generation is falling
prey to his tactics, and believing
all his lies. Satan portrays himself in
peoples minds as some red suited,
spiked tailed funny man with horns.

e has people believing the occult,
and witchcraft are myths, something
you only see in horror movies,
or it was something that was
practiced long ago.

REALITY CHECK people, it's real all too real!
Satan can appear as an angel of light.
He's telling our younger generation
that no one loves them or cares about
them or what happens to them.
He's telling them he's the only
one who cares for them.

That if they'll serve him he'll
be there for them and meet their
needs and desires.
Parents don't let him have your child,
be involved in your child's life.
Do things with your child.
Spend time with them let them
know you love them! He  also
has people believing there's
such a thing as a good witch.

They call themselves white witches.
But there are no good witches only evil.
I don't care what manner of witch
craft you say you practice the
Bible says it's evil and of the devil.
Remember the devil is a roaring
lion seeking whom he may devour.
And if he has to pretend to be
something good he will.

Look at all the false religions that
are floating about, and there
are new ones cropping up everyday.
Satan gets people through religion
just as easily as he does through
all out and out worship of him.
Because these false religions deny
Jesus of who He is.

nd it's not only that but the musicians
of this day are all out
and out devil worshippers.
Marylyn Manson will sacrifice to
the devil before he'll even start a concert.
Parents listen to what your children are
listening to! Not only these but look
at partial birth abortion. It's bad
enough to abort a baby when you
first find out your pregnant,
but to carry a baby to full term thriving
in it's mothers womb just to be
murdered it as soon as it's being born!

How sick our world is becoming and
they say it's to save others.
Wow the devil has so many deceived!
We the true church
of Jesus Christ need to ban together
in Prayer to bring a lost and dying
world back to God! We can see that
the hour for Christ return is soon
in coming we can just turn on the TV
or read the newspapers to know that.

This world can't go on like it is much longer.
Don't be one that's deceived and left
behind when He returns.
Because if you are left you'll be totally
at the hands of the deceiver.
To me that's an awful scary thought
to be left with no Jesus and no hope
for rescue. Parents pay attention
to your children pray diligently for them.
Don't let Satan have them.

And parents don't think that buying
your children things to make
up for the lack of time you spend
with them is making a difference.
Because it's not. Children need you,
the parent, not the things.
Don't leave your child to be lonely
and looking for acceptance and
love from some other avenue
other than you the parent.

Wake up America, claim back
your husbands, wives, children
and family members in the
name of Jesus! Before it's to late!

Article written by my sister, Pamela

Copyrighted, all rights reserved.




God Won't Ask